Milky Way over Yosemite National Park

Milky Way over Yosemite National Park by David Lane.

Milky Way over Yosemite National Park by David Lane.

David Lane

United States

Canon 6D
iOptron iPano

Half Dome in Yosemite Park with Nevada (top one) and Vernal Falls (slightly lower) visible. Although at night you can’t see the falls from Glacier Point you can hear it. It’s a distant roar to keep one company in the darkness. It was nice to have a night of photography with no real danger. The cliff here is steeper than it looks but I might not die if I toppled over the edge. The real issue is a miscalculation on my part of how far Glacier Point is from the east entrance. I thought I was there with plenty of time to spare, The drive took nearly 3 hours after driving 14 hours to get to the east entrance, tired was an understatement.
Yosemite is huge, rugged yet I found it welcoming. The distant roar I found comforting. However the climber climbing Half Dome in the middle of the night (see dual headlamps at the left base of Half Dome has to be less comforted than I). The altitude is great for visibility and seeing the night sky. However some of the greenish and yellows come from light pollution from the major cities and valley of California. Almost all other photographers call this airglow but in this case (there is obviously some) its mostly deflected light pollution. The red to the north (left) might be a bit of aurora.
One last admission. This is one of the hardest images I have ever done. I have made 8-10 tries to get this (and a couple others from nearby) to look good, to be mostly satisfied. I’m still not completely happy with this one, but folks its as close as I can get it and has consumed 80-100 hours on my various stabs to get it right.