M13, Great Globular Cluster in Hercules


Ãlvaro Ibáñez Pérez

Daganzo de Arriba, Madrid, Spain

Telescope: TS115 Triplet APO refractor
Camera: CCD Atik 460ex Mono
Mount: NEQ6 Pro II tuning belt + EQMOD
Guider setup: Lunático EZG-60 + SXLodestar
Focuser: RoboFocus + FocusMax
Filters: Baader LRGB

L: 55x30s bin1
RGB: 8x150s bin1 for each channel

M13, also designated Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, is a globular cluster of about 300000 stars in the constellation of Hercules.
M13 was discovered by Edmond Halley in 1714, and catalogued by Charles Messier on June 1, 1764.