M45 Pleiades


andrea pistocchini

Germignaga (VA) Italy

Tecnosky 80/480 with 0,8x reducer
14×600 sec 800 ISO with Canon 450D
Guide with Skywatcher 70/500 and qhy5 II Mono
Saint Barthelemy (AO) Italy

I show you this shoot taken at Saint Barthelemy on the night between Saturday and Sunday. I pointed the object at about 3AM, after having photographed NGC6888. The telescope pointed at Zenit and I feared that humidity (98-99%) spoiling everything.
The apparence of the first 2-3 shots were in line with the other facts previously I thought it was all right and I let go of everything.
At 5.10AM my friend makes me notice a thick fog on the lawn to advance towards us. Being curious we approach the lawn for us to “invest” from the cloud and we passing next to telescope lenses. That were fogged completely. I immediately thought that he threw away the second part of the evening, and then control the shots made up to that point.
No substantial change in brightness or definition in the photos. Appearance and then download the latest release and then another again. Nothing, the rough all equal.
I supposed to have photographed with the foggy lens for the second part of night (or early :P).
Here the picture, personally I’m really happy of the signal acquired :)