Mars on 06-30-2016 
8Inch SCT scope & QHY5IIL CCD, 5x barlow, 
3000 frames stacked in Registax6, maxim DL, CS2015

John Chumack

Dayton, Ohio

C8 and 5X Barlow, QHY5IIL CCD Camera

My close-up of Mars from Wednesday Night 06-29-2016…above average seeing Cranked it up with my old orange tube C8 and 5X Barlow, QHY5IIL CCD Camera, kinda pushing the limits of the 8inch, but it shows some surface details, High puffy clouds up North, Elysium Mons volcano region dead center, Elysium Fosse & Planitia right, Utopia Planitia left, and the tiny little fingers sticking up from the long dark feature along the bottom shows Gale crater. Upper top right edge shows the rare Blue limb clouds! At bottom we can see clouds around the Southern Ice cap region too!. Phase 0.931 & Diameter is 16.4 arcsec.