Milky Way and Lake Ullswater


William Brzozowski

Lake District, Cumbria

Nikon D610 and Samyang 14mm wide angle lense

There’s a big variation in the different light sources of this picture; the bright central streak is the ISS which appears to be flying into the background Milky Way, the bottom left streak of light is a shooting star and the fainter top right streak of light is a general satellite. However, dominating the picture is the magnificent Milky Way which seems to emanate from the unsuspecting town below. And finally at the bottom of the picture, Lake Ullswater reflects some star light along with the zigzagging light from a passing car. There’s also a vast range in distance of these light sources, from the car headlights a few hundred meters away, to the ISS a few hundred kilometres away and beyond to the Milky Way hundreds of light years away.