Milky Way from the Lizard peninsula


Ian Dunhill

Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Canon EOS 7000D DSLR camera.

This was my first experience of a truly dark sky since I become interested stargazing. I was surprised just how much light pollution does affect our view of the night sky and just what we are mostly missing. The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 7000d with a 33 second exposure. I had taken a telescope out, but ended up just using the camera to take pictures of the sheer number of stars visible in a dark location.
I like the detail of the milky way, some of which you could see with the naked eye. You can also see Saturn and Mars to the right of the picture and I like the glow from the tent. I hope you like the picture too. Proof that you don’t need a lot of experience, this was one of my first successful pictures of the night sky, just a good location and a clear sky.