Milky Way Rises over Landmark Trust’s Clavell Tower Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

The Milky Way core rises just to the side of the Landmark Trust's Clavell Tower overlooking Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset, UK.
Two blended exposures; one 7 minutes long for the sky using a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer tracking mount, and a second 11 minute exposure for the foreground.

Mark Pelleymounter

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, UK

Canon 5dmkiii, Canon 24-105 f4 @ 24mm, f4. Skywatcher Star Adventurer tracking mount.

The milky way over Clavell Tower, Kimmeridge Bay Dorset. Two exposures, one of 7 minutes for the sky, using Skywacher Star Adventurer tracking mount and one of 11 minutes for the foreground.