NGC 7380 Wizard Nebula

The Wizard Nebula Duan Yusef, Essex, UK. Equipment: ZWO ASI1600MM-C camera, IK 10-inch Truss Tube Ritchey-Chrétien, Sky-Watcher EQ8 mount.

Duan Yusef

Canvey Island, Essex

IK 10″ Truss Tube RC
Astro Physics CCD67 Telecompressor
SW EQ8 Mount
Altair 60mm Guide Scope
Orion Starshoot guide Camera

Deep Sky Stacker

This is my attempt at the Wizard Nebula, the image is a combination of over 17hrs of 10 minute Narrow band exposures over 4 nights taken from my back garden in Essex. I combined the images using the Hubble pallet and Processed in Photoshop