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Richard Wykes


Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT mount, Skywatcher 250PX scope, QHY8 CCD OSC camera & Baader MPCC, ST80 & ASI 120MM camera used for guiding. Capture Software Nebulosity 3, guiding software the latest version of PHD2.
Over the 2 nights I managed to get 6½ hours worth of data & 10 minute subs, most of that on the second night due to the technical issues I were having.
All data was stacked in DeepSkyStacker & processed using Photoshop CS5.

One of my favorite targets that I took last weekend at Pencelli camping & caravan park near the Brecon Beacons. Friday night I were having a lot of problems with guiding software & a broken ST4 cable, but after updating the software & using a spare cable the following night all went well. It’s actually one of my better images I have got using my rather aging CCD camera.