Orion’s Belt


Davy Cannon

Hamilton, Scotland

Altair Astro Starwave 70EDT-R APO refractor, Altair Planostar v2 0.8 focal reducer, Canon EOS 60Da DLSR, Astronomik UHC clip-filter, NEQ6 Pro Mount (unguided).

Took from my back garden this is one of the more recognisable asterisms in the night sky by everyone is the three star belt of Orion and what makes it more stunning to us astronomers is knowing what is around this area that the eye can’t see. Hanging around the star Alnitak (lower left of the three) is the Flame and Horsehead Nebula as well as a few reflection nebula in the area. The other two stars of the belt are Alnilam (middle of the belt) and Mintaka (right star of the belt).
I like the fact I managed to just be able to squeeze in the three belt stars and also the flame and horsehead in my scopes field of view. It took a bit of patience to get lined up and camera rotated just so they are all in frame.