Perseids and Satellites sketch

Perseids and Satellites sketch by Deirdre Kelleghan.

Perseids and satellites sketch Deirdre Kelleghan, County Wicklow, Ireland, 12/13 August 2015. Equipment: Conte gel pen and pencil, black paper.

Deirdre Kelleghan

Bray Co Wicklow Ireland

Conte, Gel Pen, and Pencil on black paper.

August 12th / 13th 2015 Perseids and Satellites from Bray. Here is my combined drawing of the Perseids from my patio in Bray Co Wicklow. Suburbia – Nelm at the start of observing was 4.95 and at the end it was 5.24 ( via Dark Sky Meter) Misty thin cloud for a short while in the zone but it cleared up well.

I observed from 23:55 Local Time to 01:12 Local time – expressed in Universal Time 22:55 UT – 00:12 UT
The Perseids I observed were mainly fast and white , with a few yellow and a few blue.Some Perseids had smoky tails and some had well defined bullet shaped heads. Some of the smoking ones spluttered leaving gaps in their trails across my view.
In my drawing I included constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus only to keep it simple and because the radient was between these constellations. Capella in Auriga remained behind a tree for the most part and M45 was just over my shed roof at the end of the session. Really enjoyed it all !

I also included any satellites that appeared in my view over the time. The satellites are shown in blue pencil with arrows indicating their direction.