Sh2-249 Jellyfish Nebula in HST


Chris Heapy

Macclesfield, UK

Scope: TV NP127is + Large Field Corrector
CCD: Moravian G4-16000
Filters: Chroma 3nM Ha, SII and OIII
Mount: 10-Micron GM2000HPS-II
Data: 33 x 1800s (16.5hrs total)

This is a tri-channel narrow band image of the Jellyfish nebula (supernova remnant) together with a nearby cloud of gas and dust.Embedded in dust cloud at the 11 O’Clock position is a small blue planetary nebula, not long discovered as such. The Jellyfish itself is relatively bright whereas the nearby dust/gas cloud is very faint – this was a processing challenge to retain definition and colour fidelity in both within the same image.