Solar Prominences

Solar Prominences by Bas van Beek, The Netherlands. Equipment: Coronado Solarmax 60mm BF10, 4

Bas van Beek

The Netherlands

Coronado Solarmax 60 mm BF10
Telescope 4 inch Tele Vue refractor
Mount EQ6
Camera DMK21 with laptop.

After coming home from work I decided to take a quick look at the sun through my solar H-alpha telescope. I have not seen anything like this during my solar observing in H-alpha light in all the 13 years doing this. So I ran back into the house to crab my DMK 21 webcam and laptop and make some short movies to stack them later. I only had about 10 minutes before the sun would disapear behind the roof of my house from my observatory in the garden. While shooting this spectacular phenomenon I alarmed all my Facebook friends on European Solar Zone to run outside with their H-alpha telescope and watch this spectacular wonder of nature. It only lasted for 30 minutes before fading away.