A space clock can act as both an attractive and practical addition to your wall and is a great option for anyone looking for a piece of space-themed home decor.


From clocks depicting beautiful galaxy images to images of the Moon, there are thousands of different space design options out there for you to chose from so that you're never at a loss to tell the time again.

Clocks also play a highly underrated role in getting the most out of your observing sessions.

As the sky constantly wheels overhead, different astronomical objects rise and set throughout the night.

If you're looking to observe Mars, or waiting for a conjunction, then knowing what time it is is of vital importance, and so having a clock to hand will make sure you don't miss your event.

Then during the day, you can also use your clock to keep track of your daily life.

But just because they're a practical piece of home decor doesn't mean they need to be boring.

Themed clocks are also a great way to bring some personality to your living space and there are many space clocks out there to choose from, so to help make your decision we've tracked down some of our favourite on offer.

Whether you want to brighten up your living room with a space wall clock, or are looking for a cosmic helper in the form of a space alarm clock, there's something on our list to suit you.

And if you have a little space fan in your life who is only just getting to grips with telling the time, then don’t worry – there’s loads of space clocks for kids out there, many of them specifically designed to help children tell the time.

Looking for more space themed items for your home? Read our guide to space home decor and space wallpapers.

Space wall clocks

Non-ticking glass Moon wall clock

While people have been using the phases of the Moon to keep track of the yearly calendar for centuries, with this clock the Moon can also tell you the time of day or night.

The clock face shows a high resolution depiction of the Moon, surrounded by large white numbers on a black background that are easy to read even from a distance.

Then at night, there’s no need to listen to the clock slowly ticking away the seconds as you wait to fall asleep or for your choice of astronomy target to rise in the sky, as the mechanism is designed to be silent.

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Made from toughened glass to protect from dust and debris.

Tell-the-time rocket wall clock

This bright and colourful clock is both eye-catching and educational, specifically designed to help your little astronomers as they learn to tell the time.

The bold numbers makes them easy to read, with the each quarter hour picked out in a different colour.

Below them, are the terms such as ‘half past’ and “20 to” to help children know how to describe the time.

The hands of the clock are equally striking, the minute hand has a rocket, while the hours has a shooting star.

The ticks around the edges are depicted by stars to keep with the cosmic theme.

Nebula wall clock

The background of this clock is decorated with the delicate wisps of a brightly coloured nebula depicted in blue and pinks, sprinkled with white stars.

The perfect way to bring some colour to your room in a practical way, while the large bold numbers mean its still easy to read the time.

The face is made from acrylic, measured 24cm in diameter and has a silent mechanism which doesn't tick.

Perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, living room or even in your observatory to keep track of your night time stargazing.

Glow in the dark constellation clock

The clock depicts the constellations of the night sky, complete with labels and drawings of the mythical figures the ancient Greeks ascribed to them.

But when darkness falls, the appearance changes as all the stars are painted with glow in the dark paint.

Suddenly, the beautiful arc of the Milky Way jumps out against the dark background.

The hour hands also glow in the dark, allowing you to keep telling the time throughout the night.

The clock is covered in a dome of glass for a unique appearance on the wall.

Personalised Moon and stars wall clock

This handmade clock is shaped like the crescent moon and stars.

You can add a personalisation up to 12 characters long to make this a really unique space themed gift.

The subtle white and yellow colours make this a great for a space themed child’s bedroom or nursery.

Space alarm clocks and table clocks

Galaxy digital alarm clock

When not turned on, this clock appears to just be an attractive image of a purple galaxy.

But when the LED clock is set to display, the numbers glow through the image telling you the time.

You can either set the LED to glow all the time, or save electricity and set it to only turn on for 10 seconds in response to an audio queue, such as clapping your hands.

The clock can be set to display the time, date or temperature, and has three alarm settings.

It can run from the mains or using its built in battery and has a USB port allowing you to charge our phone or other device giving you a convenient port on your table, meaning you don’t have to get up to go to the wall.

Technoline magnet space clock

Rather than using hands to depict the time, this clock instead uses magnetic balls which orbit around the face.

The outer ring acts as the minute hand, the middle is the hour hand, while the inner ball speeds around to mark out the seconds.

A unique timepiece that is as much a work of art as it is a clock.

Can be set up to either hang on a wall or on a table.

Astronaut space alarm clock

This alarm clock is decorated with brightly coloured space explorers – including an astronaut and spacecraft floating amongst a sea of stars and planets.

The clear numbers and hands make this easy for children to read, and the movement is silent so the ticking doesn’t keep you awake.

Has a light allowing you to tell the time even at night, and also has an alarm function.

Galaxy projector clock

If you’re looking for a clock that can not just wake you up but help you to sleep as well, then maybe this is the option for you.

As well as a standard digital alarm clock, this device also come with a light projector that shines coloured stars onto the ceiling to help lull you to sleep.

The audio function can either be set to one of the pre set sounds which include birds, rainforest sounds and white noise, or be attached to a music player to play your own play list.

You can set it up with your choice of audio and lights for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or until you turn it off.


Then in the morning you can either wake up using the usual method of a beeping alarm, or one of the nature sounds.