When it comes to redecorating your house, wallpaper plays a key part in not just adding colour but a touch of your own personality into your home.


For the astronomy enthusiast looking to decorate their home with a space theme, there are now a huge number of options to choose from.

Long gone are the days where your only options were boring block colours and chintzy designs. Instead you can create an explosion of colour with a galaxy wallpaper in your living room.

Perhaps you’re looking for a refined, minimalist wallpaper to adorn your dining room walls.

Or maybe you’re wondering how to decorate a kid's space themed bedroom, and want to find something colourful and fun.

It could even be that you’re looking to create a striking feature for your living room, transforming your living space into a conversation-starting work of art.

And it’s not just the style you can choose, but also what kind of wallpaper you want.

There are traditional rolls of wall paper for when you need to cover the whole walls, but there are also photo wallpapers for when you want to create a single feature wall.

If your interior design desires don’t match up with your rental agreement or DIY skills, wall tapestries and wall hangings – which let you quickly transform a room without the mess of hanging wallpaper – are a great alternative.

Whatever you’re after read on for our recommendations below to get some inspiration and your creative juices flowing.

Then once you're done with the walls, why not look at our guide to home decor for astronomers for some ideas on how to accessorise your space themed home.

Space-themed mural wallpaper

If you are looking to create a striking feature wall that will attract attention, then a mural wallpaper will transform your walls into works of art.

These usually come in several panels, which can then be hung on the wall in much the same way as traditional wallpaper.

And if the idea of working out how to put up a photo wallpaper leaves you in a cold sweat, then don't worry! It's not as hard as it seems – even this DIY-challenged writer managed it.


Space exploration and adventure wall mural

This wallpaper is an explosion of colour and excitement, with an image depicting an array of space explorers. The Apollo 11 moon landers leave their footprints across the surface of the Moon alongside the Opportunity rover (which is taking a holiday from its normal exploration of Mars).

Flying overhead are the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, set against a sea of planets, colourful nebulae and distant galaxies. A great backdrop for a bedroom, study or even your observatory.

Measures 8ft x 10ft, so would suit a larger wall, and comes in 12 panels.


Black and white Solar System

If your aesthetic is a bit more minimalist, then this black and white space wallpaper features a stylish depiction of our Solar System that’s more low key than most other space wallpaper options. The website allows you to order a custom size to fit your space perfectly and if your wall doesn’t exactly meet up with the dimensions of the image, you can even select which parts of the design you’d like to use.

The image is also available as a poster or canvas if you want something a bit smaller to help adorn your home, school or observatory.


Nebulae wallpaper

Featuring a high quality astrophoto of a beautiful nebulae dusted with sparkling stars, this is another great choice for your feature wall.

The subtle hues reds and golds gives this wallpaper a much warmer feel than the blues and blacks seen in many other space wallpapers. Comes in a variety of sizes, from poster-sized to large enough to cover a whole wall allowing you to find the image that will best fit your space.


Hyperspace wallpaper

Whether you engage the warp engines, spool up the drives or traverse hyperspace, this wallpaper will make you feel like you're racing through the galaxy from Alpha to Delta quadrant. It doesn't matter if you're a Star Trek, Star Wars or even Stargate fan, this retro style wallpaper will help take you to hyper-speed whatever your fandom. Available as a traditional wall paper, requiring paste to put up, or as a peel and stick sticker.

Space-themed traditional roll wallpaper

If you’re looking for something more subtle or want to cover a whole room, then these traditional wallpapers, which come in rolls and have a repeating pattern, might suit your space better.


Cosmos Solar System

All eight major planets of the Solar System appear on this wallpaper, set against a black background brushed with blue nebulosity and scattered with stars. The small scale pattern means this could work either as a single feature wall or to cover the whole room. The pattern repeats every 10.5 inches. The rolls are printed on high quality paper with light fast ink to ensure that your walls continue to look vibrant for years to come. The paper has a washable finish making this great for a kids bedroom wallpaper or play room.

More like this

Navy and gold star wallpaper

For a more refined interior style, this tasteful wallpaper features a variety of large focal stars connected together by clouds of smaller ones. The contrasting navy and gold creates a striking aesthetic that would suit a living or dining room as well as a bedroom.



Want an aesthetic space wallpaper that will also help you learn your way around the night sky? Each roll features the real constellations of the sky with matching labels to help you recognise the major constellations including Cassiopeia, Ursa Minor and Major and Canis Major.

Comes in both white lines on a blue background, as well as the reverse with dark lines on a white background for a lighter, brighter look.

Space-themed wall hangings

Want to transform your wall with an epic space scene but don’t want the hassle of hanging wallpaper?

Or perhaps you're wondering how to decorate rented accommodation when you're not allowed to put up anything permanent.

You could even be looking for something to adorn your own home observatory or shed, where not only are traditional wallpapers not suitable, but you might also want something with a bit more insulation as well.

Then why not try one of these wall hangings, which also have the added bonus of doubling as a blanket or tablecloth when needed.


Constellation wall hanging

Featuring colourful shots of nebulae, this wall hanging is made using laser printing to ensure its vibrant colours appear vivid. Measures 180 x 180cm, meaning you can use it to quickly cover a large section of wall or even a ceiling.


Spiral galaxy wall tapestry

The blue and white tones of this galaxy wall hanging will serve as a dramatic backdrop to any room. The glittering swirl of this spiral galaxy is reminiscent of our own Milky Way, so you can always feel at home: both in your home and in the Galaxy. Comes in a variety of sizes.


Retro star-map wall hanging

Based on a diagram from W Peck’s 'A Handbook and Atlas of Astronomy', this wall tapestry shows a slightly different view of the night sky, as it depicts how the stars looked over head 14,700 years ago.


Moon and clouds

If your window doesn’t afford you a great view of the night sky, this wall hanging well help fill the gap by showing the Moon. The bottom of the image is filled with clouds – for that authentic stargazing experience.


And finally if you want to have space themed walls, but you (or more likely - your spouse, parent or children) don't want them up permanently, then perhaps consider a star projector or home planetarium, which can transform plain walls into all manner of space scenes.