Caldwell 34, NGC 6960 , The Western Veil or the “Witch’s Broom”


Matt Foyle


Using a FSQ160ED and QHY9M CCD cooled to -20C on a NEQ6Pro Mount. Guided with an Orion miniguider and QHY5M through the ST4 port all filters are Baader 2″ CCD.

The skies are barely getting dark at present and 2hrs is about the maximum amount of darkness from my location. Either side of this the exposures show either the sun still setting or rising again in the early hours. Even though the skies seem to be of halcyon days, somehow by the late evening they seem to plunge into mist or cloud as the temperature drops and the moisture forms. This has really focussed my attention to quick short sessions and ensuring that everything works correctly and the number of keeper frames is at 100%. I’m using this time as very good training and preparation for the darker autumn and winter months for when we return to longer, darker and colder nights.

Taken on 13-07-2013 between 00:15 & 02:30 in less than ideal conditions:
LRGB 6 x 300s exposures
Total time = 2hrs