Cassini, Aristoteles and Eudoxus


Stephen Jennette


Celestron C11 on EQ6
Point Grey Chameleon camera with red longpass filter
The best 350 frames of 620 were stacked in Autostakkert. Wavelet sharpening in Registax 6. Final processing in Photoshop.

This image was captured as these craters lay along the terminator. I always think that the transition from light to dark makes the desolate Lunar terrain seem even more foreboding.

The Vallis Alpes can be seen in the top left of the image, with the central rille just visible.
Cassini is lower left. Eudoxus is mid-frame with the steeply-terraced Aristoteles to the north.
In the dark of the Lunar twilight the Lacus Mortis (the Lakeof Death) can be seen on the right with the walls of crater Bürg catching the last of the sunlight before slipping into the long Lunar night. The valley walls of Rimae Bürg can also been seen catching the last of the twilight sun.