IC 447


Gary Opitz

Rochester, New York

Telescope Engineering Company 140 mm APO refractor at f/7. Canon EOS 60Da imaging camera. Orion 80 mm guidescope and Orion Starshoot guiding camera. Orion Atlas mount. Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop.
This is a total exposure of 4 hours consisting of 40 sub-exposures of 6 minutes duration each.

IC 447 is a seldom imaged dust reflection nebula in Monoceros. The open star cluster Collinder 95 is in the same area.
I like this image and this target because (blue) dust reflection nebulae seem so few in number compared to the many numerous and popular Ha red emission nebulae so often imaged by amateurs.
Please note I imaged this object from my light-polluted suburban backyard.