IC2177 Seagull Canon 6D RGB+QHY16200 Ha


Kees Scherer


telescope: Esprit 100 f5.5. Camera: QHY16200 CCD and Canon 6D

This HII complex on the border of Monoceros and Canis Major. Covers about 3 degrees of sky, The nebula lies in one of the farthest arms of our Milky Way galaxy and is about 100 light years across.

The head of the Seagull is Vdb 93. Also contained within the nebula are the open clusters – NGC 2343, NGC 2335, Collinder 465, and Collinder 466.

This is a HaRGB Combination from the Canon 6Da RGB data from march 8, 10 &11 2016 and Ha data shot with QHY16200 on november 17,18,19 &20 2017. (3 hrs RGB+7 hrs Ha)