Melotte 15 in the Heart nebula


Andre van der Hoeven

HI-Ambacht, The Netherlands

SXV-H9 / TEC-140 / NEQ-6 / DMK21-618 OAG

Last night I had the TEC140 running on my EQ6 while I was sleeping. Result 11x1800s S2 data that I could add to my previously gathered data. It took almost two months with the sparse clear nights here, but the result I do like a lot…


9 x 1800s H-alpha (4,5nm – 06/10/2012)
12 x 1800s OIII (3nm – 10/10/2012)
11 x 1800s S2 (5nm – 17/11/2012)
10 x 300s R,G,B (22/10/2012)

(total approx. 17 hours)