Merlotte 15


Duan Yusef

Canvey Island, Essex

10″ RC Scope
SW EQ8 Mount
ZWO Filter Wheel
Badder NB Filters
Lodestar Guide Cam
Altair 60mm Guide Scope

Deep Sky Stacker

I wanted to take this image after taking a wide field image of the Heart Nebula earlier in the year and thinking the centre looked so beautiful, so i setup My 10″ RC Scope and had a go with its 2000mm FL. The image consists of 20x10m Oiii & Sii & 55x10m Ha combined in the Hubble pallet and processed in Photoshop. The Ha & Sii were captured from my back garden in Essex and the Oiii data was taken when i was at the Kelling Heath starparty