Messier 78 in Orion


Terry Hancock


Technical Information
Location: Whitewater Colorado
Captured December 18th 2016
Size: 4656×3522 pixels
Total integration Time 64 minutes
QHY163M Monochrome COLDMOS cooled to -30C
QHYCFW2-M 7 position Filter Wheel
QHYOAG-M Off Axis Guider
LUM 16 min, 8 x 2 min 1×1
RGB 48 min, 8 x 2 min ea 1×1
Filters by Optolong
Astro-Tech AT130 APO Refractor @F7
Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial Mount
Image Acquisition Maxim DL
Pre Processing Pixinsight
Post Processing Photoshop CS6

Captured from the backyard of my new home in Colorado, a preliminary test using the new QHY163M Mono COLDMOS camera.Comprising of 8 x 120 second exposures in each channel LRGB, I used a Gain of 10 and Offset 57. I am very impressed with the high sensitivity of the 4/3 inch CMOS sensor and the level of detail I obtained with only 2 minute exposures, I’m hoping to capture some longer and deeper exposures of this subject in the coming week.

At the moment I’m using a portable pier and looking forward to being able to image from the new observatory when it’s completed hopefully in a few weeks, you can follow progress here:

Total Integration time 64 minutes