NGC 1097 in Fornax


Warren Keller

Star Shadows Remote Observatory

SSRO- RCOS 16″, Apogee U9, PlaneWave Ascension 200HR, ACP, MaxIm DL, FocusMax, PixInsight 1.8, Photoshop CC

NGC 1097 in Fornax is a face-on Seyfert galaxy with a bright Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN). At 45,000,000 light-years from Earth and 125,000 ly across, NGC 1097 gently wraps its arms around an elliptical satellite galaxy called 1097A, at 1 o’clock on the larger galaxy’s face. As if this pair isn’t lovely enough, turn down the lights and note the very faint jets emanating from the nucleus. These are likely remnants of interaction with a smaller galaxy, eons ago. ‘Jet 2’ has an inverted golf club shape. The data was acquired at SSRO in 2014.