NGC 1333


Didier Rediger-Lizlov, David Attié, Stefan Shramm

“e-Eye” remote telescope hosting service, Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

Telescope: Altair 130mm (focal length=910mm)
CCD: Moravian G2-4000
Filters: LRGB Baader
Mount: AP900 GTOCP3
Guiding: OAG Skystrack made by SKYMECA and LodestarX2

We are new team composed of 3 astronomers living in United Arab Emirates and France. We have decided to share our equipment in our first remote observatory in South of Spain. Our first target was NGC 1333, a reflection nebula. This object was really challenging as a first target, but we really like how it came out.
Exposure time: 30h in LRGB from 25/10/2017 to 30/10/2017