NGC 7331 Galaxy Group

NGC 7331 Galaxy Group by Dean Ashton, St Austell, Cornwall, UK. Equipment: 235mm Celestron EdgeHD SCT, CGEM Mount, Celestron Nightscape 10100 OSC CCD, LoadstarX2 guide camera, off axis guider.

Dean Ashton

St Austell, Cornwall

Equipment: 235mm (9.25’) Celestron EdgeHD SCT; CGEM Mount; Celestron Nightscape 10100 OSC CCD; LoadstarX2 guide camera with off axis guider.
Image: 18×600 second frames captured over two nights.

This image of the NGC 7331 Galaxy Group includes 6 galaxies. The large foreground galaxy NGC 7331 is often referred to as the Milky Way’s twin as it is thought to be similar in size and structure. What draws me to this image though is the smaller galaxies, the four in front of NGC 7331 and magnitude 15.8 NGC 7326 in the top right corner. These galaxies are similar in size to NGC 7331 but 10x further away at 250-400 million light years. At that distance some of these galaxies are receding from us at around 2% the speed of light.

Name: Dean Ashton
Object: NGC 7331 Galaxy Group
Date Image Taken: 9th and 26th October 2016
Location: St Austell, Cornwall UK