NGC281 Pacman Nebula


Mark Griffith

Swindon, Wiltshire. UK

Teleskop service 12″ Richey-Chretien telescope, Skywatcher EQ8 mount,Atik 383L+ camera, Astronomik Sii, Ha, Oiii filters,
Astro physics 0.67 reducer.

Emission nebula in the constellation cassiopeia. Object fitted my 30 minute field of view perfectly.

Gaining in confidence with my new 12″ telescope and EQ8 mount.

So pushing exposure times up to ten and fifthteen minutes to capture as much detail as possible this month. Stars shapes still round.

Nebula full of ionisation fronts, bok globules and dusk lanes.

Highlighted these further with a photoshop unsharp mask and hubble palette colours.

Was hoping to capture two more hours of data but with this month’s variable weather had to settle for 8 hours.

Bright object so can get away with less data than normal.

Data collected on four nights. 19th, 20th, 22nd & 28th July.

Sii/ha/oiii image with 8 hours 5 minutes of data. 9 x 15min Sii, 20 x 10min Ha, 10 x 15min Oiii 1×1 binning.