NGC7000 Hubble Palette – Canon 100m @ F2.8


Andre van der Hoeven

HI-Ambacht, The Netherlands

Canon 100m F2.0 lens @ F2.8

Last few days I have been experimenting with my Canon 100mm lens on my CCD camera. This to gain experience for imaging during my holidays in Austria. In the end I used 3 nights for this image. The experimenting took its time, but I think this could have been done in one night. At least now I know how it works…

Here is the image info:

Lens: Canon 100mm F2.0 @ F2.8
Camera: SXV-H9
Ha: 14x300s (custom scientific 4,5nm)
OIII: 12x600s (astrodon 3nm)
S2: 12x600s (astrodon 5nm)
Total: 5,2h

Mount: NEQ-6
Guiding: no

This lens is working as a real light canon at F2.8, but focusing is really critical. It allows to gather much data in one night. Here in total 5,2h was used. The image is comparable in light with an earlier image that I made using my own telescope that took me over 40 hours! (Of course the detail is less, but the overview is much better…)

The F2.8 allows me to take 4x shorter images than with a Tak106 or even 6,25x less then with my ED110/F7. With the few good nights we have here that’s a real gainer!

Here is the result. Every comment is welcome… (Yes, I know the corners are a bit oval, but that was because during my first recordings I had some focus issues…)