NGC891 Edge On Spiral Galaxy


Terry Hancock


Captured from my backyard observatory in Western Michigan on Friday evening the 2nd September 2016 using the 12†RC and the new QHY16200 Monochrome CCD with LRGB Filters for a total integration time of 3.3 hours.
For the first time ever I captured all of the LRGB data binned 2×2.
High Resolution images here:
Full Size:

Technical Information
Location: DownUnderObservatory, Fremont, MI
Captured September 2nd 2016
Size: 45.7 x 36.5 arcmin
Radius: 0.487 deg
Pixel scale: 1.21 arcsec/pixel
Total integration Time 3.3 Hours
QHY16200A monochrome CCD cooled to -20C
QHYOAG-M Off Axis Guider
LRGB 200 min, 10 x 5 min binned 2×2
Filters by Optolong
Astro-Tech AT12RC with AP 2.7″ Reducer @F6.2
Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial Mount
Image Acquisition Maxim DL
Pre Processing Pixinsight
Post Processing Photoshop CS6

Lying at a distance of around 30 million Light Years from us in the Constellation of Andromeda and classed as an edge on unbarred Spiral Galaxy,
a popular target for both professional and Amateur Astro Imagers, as I had not captured this target since 2010 I have long awaited recapturing.