Polaris star trails


Steve Brown

Stokesley, North Yorkshire

I used a Canon 600D on a fixed tripod.

A picture of the stars rotating around the North Celestial Pole taken from Stokesley in North Yorkshire on 11 December 2015. The picture is made up of 128 images taken over the course of one hour and ten minutes and stacked using Startrails software. Each image was a 30 second exposure at f/3.5 and ISO 400. The focal length was 18mm but I also used a basic wide angle converter to make the effective focal length 8mm. In the image you can see the stars of Cassiopeia at the top left; Cepheus middle left; some stars of Ursa Minor behind the tree; and in the lower right quarter are stars of Ursa Major, including the Plough asterism. I love taking star trails centred on Polaris as they are always spectacular. I particularly like this image as the star colours show up really well.