Sharpless 191 + 195 + 197


Dan Crowson

Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Imaged from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri (a red zone) on November 20th and 29th, 2016 with a SBIG ST-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT90DT at f/6.7 603mm.


I also collected six hours of Ha exposures but these didn’t add anything to the image I didn’t use them.

Sh2-191 (Maffei 1, LBN 659 and others) is behind the open cluster Czernik 11 on the right side of the image.

Sh2-197 (Maffei 2, UGCA 39, Dwingeloo 136.5-00.3 and others) is the galaxy on the left side of the image

Sh2-195 (LBN 665 and others) is located around the same location as Sh2-197.

All of these are located behind an arm of our galaxy so they are heavily obscured. A good paper on the IC 342 / Maffei Group can be found here –

Luminance – 12x600s – 120 minutes – binned 1×1
RGB – 8x300s – 40 minutes each – binned 2×2

240 minutes total exposure – 4 hours