The Cygnus Loop


Matt Foyle


Unmodified Canon t2i/550D with Astronomik CLS Clip filter
Nikon 300mm ED AF lens at F4
NEQ6 Pro mount
Guided with Orion 50mm mini guider and QHY5M

Captured using BackyardEOS
Processed in Nebulosity V3.0 and Photoshop CS5

The Cygnus Loop a Supernova remnant

This image comprises of 11x5min exposures this was about the total length of full darkness on the night. My subs show either blue background sky or gradients of blue from the sun not quite fully setting and rising in the early hours of the morning.

This area has so many descriptions and objects in it and I was particularly surprised at how many are in this image. This was the first time I’ve imaged and seen Pickering’s Triangle. I wasn’t expecting much from the skies on the night as there was lots of things not quite perfect during the imaging session. However, I thought I just had to continue, to see just how much could be imaged with a camera lens and an unmodified DSLR on a short summer session with difficult skies.