The Sun has a heart!

Large Sunspot AR2529 on 04-12-16 in Hydrogen Alpha Light, Lunt 60mm/50HA Scope, QHY5IIL CCD, , 700 frames

John Chumack

Ohio, USA

I caught Sunspot AR2529 flaring at lunch time on 04-12-2016 in this close-up view, the close-up view looks like a Dachshund dog face with folded over ears or a Heart! Lunt 60mm/50F HA Solar Scope, QHY5IIL CCD, + 2x barlow for close-up, 700 frames Stacked in Registax6.

The Sun has a Heart!!! Captured from my backyard Observatory in Dayton, Ohio.
Large Sunspot AR 2529 is now facing the Earth, Actually this Sunspot is large enough to fit two Earths inside!