Total Lunar Eclipse from France


William Doyen

Lower Normandy, France

Newtonian telescope (Bresser 200/800 mm at F/4) with no coma corrector (we can see that the surrounding areas of the center are less detailed…)

Canon EOS 600D camera at prime focus (unmodified sensor)
80 x 4 seconds exposure time
ISO 400
800 mm focal length (+crop)

autostakkert (stacking) + lightroom (editing)

This was my first ever Total Lunar Eclipse. Before going to college in the morning, I managed to spend time capturing it. I was tired but I was not at all disappointed when I saw it being eclipsed! This photo is the best of my album, because it is a stacking of 80 pictures of 4 seconds each (lunar tracking) taken during totality. I kept the natural colour and saturation of the moon.

I used autostakkert freeware to stack my pictures. There are some defects around the lunar disk because of the deformation generated by the coma aberration of my F/4 telescope (the software did not take this to account)

This is also a cropped image.