Crater Moretus


Stephen Curling

Hockley, Essex

Imaged using a Celestron Edge 1100, on a CGEMDX mount. Camera is a ZWO174mm with an IRpass 742 filter with a x2.5 barlow. Captured in oaCapture, stacked in Autostakkert2, sharpened in Registax, finished in Photoshop.

A lunar view from the early hours (2:53am) on the 19th November from Hockley, Essex. Seeing was not great so an IR pass 742 filter was used. I kind of liked this image (even though its not as crisp as it could be). Moretus itself is around 69 miles (114 KM) in diameter with an overall depth / height of around 15,200 Feet (5,000 m.). The central peak is like an island sitting in a sea of sombre lava (which is around 8100 ft / 2700 m. tall). Looking further south towards the horizon you can see a large wall like structure which I think is the crater wall of Cabeus. This crater is situated within the zone of Librations, and fairly close to the lunar south pole.