IC1795 in HST Palette


Chris Heapy


This image was taken from my back garden in Macclesfield, not a dark site by any means, and the telescope used was a TV NP127is (660mm focal length), and the camera was an Atik 490EX @ 1×1 binning (equivalent to 1.1 arcseconds per pixel). My mount is a Losmandy G11 which I guide using a TV Pronto with an SX Lodestar guide camera. Image data was processing in StarTools and PixInsight.

IC1795 is a small star forming region on the edge of the much larger ngc1805 (the Heart nebula) in Cassiopeia. This narrow band image is a composite of light emitted in three wavelengths (H-alpha, Sulphur II and Oxygen III) and comprises a total exposure of 9hrs and 20mins. The nebula lies some 6000 lightyears distant, and is interesting because of the complex and well-defined clouds of dust and gas which are illuminated by intense radiation from the large hot stars mostly hidden within brightest section at the tip of the nebula. To me it looks like a campfire lighting up the dark on a foggy night.