Lunar Photography Considerations


Avani Soares

Parsec Observatory, Canoas, Brazil

C14 Edge + ASI 290 + IR pass 685

Lunar Photography Considerations
I will not talk about the craters themselves, Aristoteles and Eudoxus are more than known. I will talk about the factors that we should take into account to get a great photo.
Every high-resolution photographer who values ​​himself knows that some things are essential to obtain a good result, among them we can mention: seeing acclimatization, collimation, focus, etc.
The first, in my opinion is the most important, but unfortunately, it does not depend on our will, and there is nothing we can do to improve without waiting for a good night. Others, however, depend exclusively on us!
Collimation is one thing we must take the utmost care in high resolution photography our telescope must always be well collimated. Most great imagers are always very worried about this issue.
Focus is another crucial factor, we must strive to achieve the best focused image possible. Some tricks make success bigger, are they; make multiple captures of the same object by altering the focus; use Fire autoalign option, this freezes the object in the center of the screen and facilitates the visualization because with shaking, the focus a true martyrdom in high increases. Needless to say, an electric focusing is as important an accessory as a good Powermate for those who make high resolution photography.
Since acclimatization is not always given the right amount, I can say that the difference between an acclimated telescope and a non-acclimated telescope is immense, especially for those who use large-aperture SCT. We all know that an SCT is a closed system and so it may take hours to acclimatize, a C14 for example, often does not acclimate all night. Even so from the 200mm aperture, whatever the optical system, this must be respected, in order to obtain only mediocre images.
So the next time you shoot the moon or the planets, think about it and learn, a good astrophotographer can only achieve a great result if he knows how to respect and take into account all these factors.
Text: Avani Soares