The Milky Way with a tracking mount


William Doyen

Brittany, France

Canon 600D (unmodified) + 18-55 mm lens + meade lxd75 mount
18 mm
600 secs
ISO 400

Here is a part of our galaxy, spreading from the Sagitta constellation (top left corner) to the Sagittarius constellation (bottom right corner).

This astrophotograph is the best one so far I have ever captured of the Milky Way. It is a 10-minute-single exposure frame using a tracking mount equipped with a Canon 600D (unmodified) and a 18-55 mm kit lens.

The brightest region of the milky way is located in Sagittarius constellation because it is here we can find the center of our spiral galaxy.

But on this picture, the light pollution of the nearby cities has caused damages on this bright region.