Star Trek has been helping to shape our idea of the future for over 50 years and in that time it’s gathered more than a few fans along the way.


The show has gone through many evolutions over the years: from The Original Series to The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager through the Enterprise years and into new shows like Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks – not to mention the many Star Trek films.

But whether you follow Spock and Kirk, Picard and Janeway or Archer and Burnham, there will be a piece of Star Trek gifts and merchandise out there for you.

From collectable communicators to Star Trek shirts and even novelty toy rubber ducks, there is some Star Trek memorabilia to cater to every fans wants, whether you're looking for yourself or as a Star Trek themed present for a loved one.

Read on for our list of the top Star Trek stuff to satisfy any fan and any budget.

Make sure you get yours now, while Spocks last.

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Best budget Star Trek gifts

Star Trek communicator

Prepare to beam up with this replica of the iconic Star Trek communicator.

This replica is based on the design from The Original Series, where the crew communicated using devices that would one day inspire the creation of the flip phone.

With flashing lights as well as sounds from the show to fully emulate the original props, as well as a 48-page booklet on the history of the communicator with full colour photos from TOS, you’ll always be ready to head out on an away mission to whatever new planet you’ve come across – just remember not to wear your red shirt if you want to make it back alive.

Ode to Spot coaster

Protect your table while paying respects to Data’s favourite endothermic quadruped with this coaster depicting the felis catus better known as Spot the Cat.

The stylised design features both android and his pet cat, showing they are true and valued friends.

“Raktajino to go” Star Trek Deep Space 9 mug

Keeping the peace on the edge of a wormhole can be thirsty work, which was probably why Captain Benjamin Sisko was always making his drink order to go.

While it might be tricky to get your hands on the Klingon beverage in 21st century Earth, you can always drink your morning tipple out of this mug.

Mugs bearing the drinks orders of Captain Picard ("Earl Grey, hot") and Captain Janeway ("Coffee, black") are also available.

The Star Trek Book

Expand your horizons with this book covering all things Star Trek.

A new edition was released in 2021 to cover the latest films and series such as Star Trek: Beyond, Picard and Discovery.

Features articles looking into the technology, characters and alien species that help drive the show, as well as high quality film stills and infographics.

Best Star Trek clothing

Star Trek uniform hoodie

Stay warm and show your love for all things Star Trek with this hoodie.

The hoodies come in a variety of designs, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager or Lower Decks; or if you’d rather be a commander or on the engineering team rather than science and medical.

More like this

The hoodies are made from polyester and cotton, and come in a wide variety of sizes

. Perfect to wear while you’re watching the latest episode of Discovery, or as a Star Trek themed gift for a fan.

Star Trek Discovery command emblem scarf

If you want to keep warm while also showing your love for Michael Burnham and the gang, then look no further than this official Star Trek scarf.

The design, which is reminiscent of the uniforms worn by the Disco crew is woven into the knit of this premium acrylic scarf.

Best fun Star Trek gifts

Star Trek Geordi La Forge rubber duck

You’d be absolutely quackers to pass up on this adorable space explorer.

With visor and tricorder at the ready, this handsome duck could only be Geordie La Forge from The Next Generation, ready to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilisations.

Comes with a bathtub shaped display box for you to show off your newest team mate. Deanna Troi, Jean-Luc Picard and Worf ducks are also available from TNG if you want to build a more rounded away team.

If you prefer a more classic Trek then you may want to look for the Nyota Uhura, Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, Spock and Kirk from TOS.

And finally, if you need a few villians for your bath time battles, then you can get Q, Khan or a Borg.

Star Trek transporter mug

“Away Tea to beam up, Mr Scott.”

This mug is printed with heat changing ink, meaning you can watch Kirk, Uhura, Spock and Bones slowly beaming back from their away mission as your Earl Grey goes from hot to cold, disappearing from the alien landscape on one side and slowly reappearing in the transporter room on the other.

Best gifts for true Star Trek fans

Revell Star Trek USS Voyager kit (RV04992)

Get ready to head to the delta quadrant with this model of the USS Voyager.

The model is one of Revell’s more challenging builds, so you might need some experience before venturing off with Captain Janeway.

Star Trek Ascendancy

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Star Trek and longed to join the academy, and boldly go across the Universe, then this board game can help you on your way.

Command starships, establish space lanes and construct bases as the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands.


Comes with more than 200 plastic miniatures, depicting ships from all manner of different Star Trek races, helping you to feel like you are part of the action, forging across the Galaxy.


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