Astronomy for Beginners

New to astronomy? Not sure how to get started in stargazing or which telescope to buy?

Here’s where you’ll find observing guides, how-to articles and great astronomy hints and tips. Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive astronomy dictionary.

Astronomy Dictionary

A small crater ranging from a few millimetres across to a few metres.

Imbrian period

The period in the Moon’s history when the large basins Imbrium, Crisium, Tranquilitatis, Serenitatis, Fecunditatis and Procellarum were formed, and filled with basalts. The Imbrian period occurred between 3.8 and 3.2 billion years ago.


This is the Sun’s outer atmosphere seen from Earth during a total solar eclipse and also with a coronagraph on an orbiting space observatory. The temperature of the corona reaches around 2 million degrees K.

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