Miaow! Cats really are nicer than people!

Miaow Moore cover

Author: Patrick Moore
Publisher: Hubble and Hattie
Price: £7.99
Format: Paperback
Rating: 4


Putting astronomy aside for the moment, Patrick Moore uses his latest book to indulge another of his great passions – cats.

This short, humorous text centres on Patrick’s own two felines Jeannie and Ptolemy, charting their lives from kitten to adulthood with amusing anecdotes and careful observations.

Under a distinctly feline guise, Miaow also offers a delightful insight in to the author’s past, with numerous personal photographs of Patrick and his cats, as well as gentle reflections, most notably surrounding his beloved late mother Gertrude, herself an avid animal lover.

This personal book reveals the sensitive side of a man known globally for his commitment to the advancement of astronomy.

Patrick aims to prove that cats really are nicer than people and if the relationship he shares with his own pets is anything to go by,  he just about manages it.


Kieron Allen is the editorial assistant at Sky at Night Magazine