As Christmas rolls around it’s time to get in the tree, hang up the tinsel and get ready for the festive period.


Bring in the holiday spirit while also showing your love of space with these space-themed Christmas decorations.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best baubles, outstanding ornaments and fantastic fairy lights, all with a space theme.

We have range of space and star Christmas decorations for all tastes: from brightly coloured Christmas ornaments that will brighten up the tree for the kids, to delicate strings of starry Christmas lights for those who want a more refined look during the holidays.

If you find yourself wondering what to put under your Christmas tree as you’re decorating it, don’t worry! We have loads of guides to help you find the perfect astronomy and space gift.

Looking for something for the children or grandchildren? Try our guides to the best space toys and gifts for kids and space sweets and chocolates.

If you’re looking for something special for your special someone, you might find it on our best space jewellery list.

Or, if you’re really stuck, you can always go with a classic and take a look at our list of the best space socks.

Best space baubles

Sass & Belle planet shaped baubles

Create your own solar system of planets within the branches of your Christmas tree with these baubles.

Each consists of a glass sphere surrounded by a plywood ring that’s covered in golden glitter to resemble the grand rings of Saturn.

If you like to keep your Christmas colours uniform, then the blue planets might be the space christmas ornament for you (available individually or in a set of four).

Each bauble measures 8cm across, and the mirror finish means it will sparkle like the stars when hung next to twinkling fairy lights.

Alternately, for those who like the festive season to be colourful, then another set features four mini-planets, each decorated with a marble effect swirl in a different colour.

Whichever you choose, it's sure to be a whimsical addition to any astronomer's Christmas tree.

Planet and spaceman baubles

Prepare to head to the stars this Christmas with this set of eight glass baubles.

Three of the space Christmas ornaments are shaped to look like a spaceman, a shuttle and a UFO, alongside five spherical baubles in a mix of mirror and matt finishes and dotted with glittering stars.

The set uses a pallet of blues, purples, whites and silver to give a cosmic yet icy vibe, if you want to put a space spin on your own Winter Wonderland this Christmas.

The ornaments are made from high quality glass and finished with hand painted touches. Comes with hanging strings.

Handmade reindeer astronaut Christmas tree decoration

Santa’s sleigh team are getting ready to head to orbit to make it round the world in time for their deliveries and this astronaut Rudolf is dressed for the trip!

Made in collaboration with the Science Museum, Rudolf is wearing a classic space suit adorned with a Union Jack.

These ornaments are 100 per cent needle felted wool – a process using a barbed needle to compact wool into shapes and figures.

As they’re handmade, each ornament will be different and unique, and with care should be a legacy Christmas ornament that can be used for years to come.

Personalised telescope ornament

Celebrate your favourite hobby with this astronomy Christmas tree decoration, laser cut into the shape of a reflecting telescope.

Each bauble can be personalised with a name up to 10 characters long making it a great astronomy stocking filler.

The Christmas ornament is made from sustainably sourced birch wood, finished with natural oils to help bring out the natural beauty of the wood and keep its earthy smell.

Made in Northern Ireland by small business, The Dribbly Yak.

Alternatively, if you're thinking of giving them a real telescope, you can find in-depth reviews and lists of the best telescopes for all occasions over in our reviews section.

JWST Christmas ornament

The JWST launched towards the heavens on Christmas Day 2021, so it seems only appropriate to decorate your tree with Christmas ornaments replicating the honeycomb pattern of the JWST’s mirror.

The Christmas tree decoration is made in the US from laser cut acrylic glass that has the same gold mirror finish the JWST has – gold reflects the infrared light the telescope looks at better than traditional silver mirrors.

ScienceSocks also sells several other Christmas ornaments inspired by famous space missions that would be at home on any space themed Christmas tree – from the iconic silhouettes of the greatest space observatories, to the red and white parachute used by the Mars Perseverance Rover.

If you're still looking for a last minute space Christmas present, then this design is also available as a pendant or earrings, which you can find over on our space jewellery guide.

Map of the stars Christmas tree decoration

Commemorate an important date with this star-themed Christmas ornament, featuring a star chart of a time and date of your choosing.

The 3-inch wide disc features the constellations picked out in white against a nebulous background of blue, purple and pink.

Around the outside is room for customisable text of a name, date, location and even a set of longitude and latitude coordinates.

Whether your commemorating an anniversary, birthday, retirement, or even the date you first looked through a telescope, with this Christmas tree ornament you can remember it whenever it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree.

More like this

Christmas constellation stocking

Santa is on his way, so it’s best to let him know that he’s sliding down an astronomer’s chimney with this star strewn Christmas stocking.

Made from black velvet printed with golden stars and constellations and topped with a fleecy band, this large stocking should be able to fit a wide variety of Christmas treats (though he might struggle to fit the 12-inch refractor of your dreams – sorry!).

Best space Christmas fairy lights

Spaceman fairy lights with astronauts and planets

A sparkling string of fairy lights is a key decorations for any self-respecting Christmas tree, and with this set of string lights you can give them a space themed spin.

The space Christmas decorations are based around a standard LED fairy lights set inside plastic rockets, planets and astronauts.

When you turn them on, the light diffuses through the figures, giving them a beautiful glow.

There’s no need to worry about where the closest power socket is, as they’re battery operated.

Once Christmas is done, you don’t even have to pack these away as they’ll look equally at home in a space themed child’s bedroom or playroom as they will on your Christmas tree.

The lights are available in white light and multicolour options and either come in a 1.5m long string of 10, or a 3m long string of 20.

Looking for more astronomy and space home decor that can be used year round? Take a look at our space home decor guide.

Solar powered star outdoor fairy lights

If you want to enjoy the twinkling of fairy lights without increasing your energy bill, then these solar powered outdoor Christmas decoration lights might be for you.

There are 25 star-shaped lights along a 4.7m long string, connected to a solar panel with its own 2.1m of cable allowing you to place it where it will get the best light.

Designed to be used outside, the cables are coloured green to blend in with your foliage, meaning you can set up your own constellations to glitter in the garden when the weather means you can’t see the ones above.

The star Christmas lights automatically switch on at night, and can be set to static light or flashing mode.

Filigree Moon and star fairy lights

These string lights are surrounded by golden metal filigree covers in the shape of stars and crescent moons which let through a subtle, warm white light through them.

These moon and star Christmas decorations are lit with LEDs, meaning not only are they more energy efficient to keep the electricity bill down, you also don’t have to worry about them overheating.

There are 16 lights along the 2.25m long clear cable, with an additional 3m lead cable to reach your nearest plug socket.

The design is subtle enough that they can be kept up throughout the year, or used for other holiday celebrations such as Eid in April and Diwali in October.

Best space wrapping paper

Constellations and stars wrapping paper

Any gift is a space gift when you wrap it in this constellation wrapping paper.

The pattern features delicately coloured crescent Moons, stars, meteors and constellations against a dark black background, and is the perfect mix of colour, whimsy and style.

The design is universal, meaning you can use it for your Christmas wrapping paper, then use any you have left over for your birthday wrapping paper throughout the year.

The wrapping paper comes in folded sheets and is easily recyclable, meaning you can pop it in your streetside recycling come Boxing Day (that’s the day after Christmas for anyone outside the UK).

Wondering what to wrap up in your space Christmas paper? Take a look at our list of best space and astronomy gifts, best space Lego and best Star Trek gifts.

Children’s space wrapping paper

If you’re looking for something colourful and bright, zipping with rockets and colourful planets then this planet and rocket wrapping set might be for you.

You get 12 folded sheets in five different designs, meaning you can mix and match if you’ve got a very lucky space obsessed child who is getting multiple space-themed Christmas presents this year.

Still not worked out what to get your space-loving youngster this year? Take a look at our space gifts for kids guide.

Stars and moon wrapping paper

The beautiful design on this wrapping paper features rose coloured moons and stars against an inky background of blues and blacks.

This wrapping paper is a heavy duty 120gsm, making it durable enough to be reused multiple times if desired.

Nebula wrapping paper

Featuring a festively coloured red and green nebula, this wrapping paper is a great choice if you want some real space on your Christmas gifts.


This wrapping paper comes in rolls rather than folded sheets, meaning there won’t be any unsightly creases to navigate around.


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